Pete Durnell
(West Midlands Metro Mayor candidate)
Bill Etheridge
(West Midlands MEP)
Release Date: Saturday, April 15, 17 For Immediate Release
‘Dangerous nonsense’ from mayoral candidate Sion Simon

Labour’s mayoral candidate has been prone to issuing bizarre statements during his campaigning, however his recent suggestion that future incidents of Hate Crime should be reported to local Mosques, or community centres, rather than to the police,
– is not just dangerous, it is potentially harmful to community relations, could easily lead to more barriers appearing between ethnic communities and the West Midlands Police in general, and has a clear potential to result in vigilantism across the region.
We need a lot more members of these communities to join the West Midlands Police force, where they are very much under represented, for this to happen greater inter-reaction between the two is badly required, not less, as Mr Simon is advocating.
Every form of Hate Crime is deplorable, and one crime of this nature is too many, however promoting understanding and breaking down barriers between communities is surely the best way to reduce the number of incidences,
– not wild exaggerations and making recommendations to bypass our police and court system.
Mr Simon’s statement is also so full of obvious inaccuracies it brings into question his fitness to be mayor.…/sion-simon-report-crimes-mosques…/
Mr Simon claims “there have been hundreds of thousands of Hate Crimes since the Brexit vote last June”, this is clearly nonsense. There is no statistical basis for this whatsoever, making completely unsubstantiated claims of this nature risks creating an unnecessary and extremely unhelpful ‘siege mentality’ in our communities.
(It is interesting to note that having attempted to erase his history of wholeheartedly campaigning for the UK to Remain in the EU, Mr Simon now hovers between support for Brexit, and blaming it for every problem we have, depending on his audience…)
Mr Simon goes on to state “in order to report a Hate Crime you shouldn’t have to go to a policeman, or a police station”,
– absolutely you should not, and of course you don’t.
There are a variety of ways that Hate Crimes can be reported anonymously, via the phone, over the Internet, is Mr Simon really completely unaware of this, or is he ‘conveniently forgetting’?
(He also appears to have ‘forgotten’ that there are a large number of female officers in the West Midlands Police force currently, and not just ‘policemen’,
– and that successive Labour Police and Crime Commissioners have presided over the closure of the vast majority of police stations across the West Midlands in recent years, such that the option of reporting any crime to a local police station no longer exists for most people,
– perhaps having spent most of his time in Brussels/Strasbourg he just hasn’t noticed this?)
Notes For Editors:
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Pete Durnell on 07736 935181
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