The Tree


It’s cold outside but here in the glow
Of a warm log fire away from the snow
The frost, the ice and freezing fog,
Listening to the snoring, sleeping dog
Curled up at my feet upon the rug,
Whilst I’m in my armchair with a mug
Of steaming hot chocolate in my hand.
Listening to my all time favourite band
Belting out hit, after nostalgic hit
Reminding me of when I used to sit
In front of a fire with you by my side
My beautiful, newlywed blushing bride.
But, that was then and this is now.
Outside, the snow covers every bough
Of the tree you planted for your mum
In remembrance for all she had done
For you and for me over many years.
I watched as you watered it with tears
You seemed shrunken, lonely and bereft
Then you railed at the skies for the theft
Of a life so precious and close to your heart
Someone you hoped would never depart!
©The Tree by Phil Bottomley


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