Over six foot tall and weighing four o’ nine
He liked to slap boys to hear them whine.
Liberal Party colleagues turned a blind eye
None of them heard the young boys cry.
He should have been gaoled,
His reputation blighted
Instead the cowards had him Knighted!

Grist to the mill for this paedophile
So too for his mate, the equally vile
Jimmy Saville of radio fame.
Another turd who escaped all blame
Scouring the homes for a living toy
Though he was less choosey, girl or boy,

The Liberal Party, a hotbed of sleaze
A pernicious anti-social disease!
Their present leader is totally aghast
His colours being nailed to the mast
Hyperbole, no longer accepted
Lies and deceit totally rejected
By an electorate awoken at last
And not prepared to forget the past!

So, to all you Masons doing your deals
Being turned on by children’s squeals
Your time has come, the secret is out.
With ordinary people you have no clout!
Those you protect for power and glory
The people all know their sordid story.
And they will be out on their collective ear
While we fight to protect those we hold dear.


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