ⒸThe Flame Dies


Words of despair written by me to express the plight of the forgotten few who are invisible to us “busy” people.


I sense the roots

I cannot see

Stars shine, not for me.

Pithy so pithy

Above, trees, swaying

The north wind, baying

A macabre falsetto

Andante to allegretto


Cold; so cold, frozen.

Tears, warming tracts,

Fall on rotting bracts

Oh, the irony!

I, decaying inside

They dying outside

New life will evolve

Alas, this one to resolve


Oh God! I need a drink.

Sweet Bacchus I pray

Fine wine before day.

Alone, so dark, help me

Frosted leaves form my quilt

Empty bottle, full of guilt.

Guilt for drinking, for lying

For stealing, for dying.


All there through frosted glass

A crystal ball by London Gin

My life there, within

I watch my flame flicker

I lie here, prone

Cold, all alone

I watch my flame flicker

I watch my flame flicke……



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